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Word and Web Wiz: HOME

Welcome to “Word and Web Wiz,” the official home of professional writer, marketing consultant and online business advisor; Larry L. Nichols.

While the majority of folks visiting this site already know why they’re here and who I am; a brief courtesy introduction might be in order for those relatively new around these parts.

Simply stated, if you’re a small to medium sized business or organization, working within the framework of a “limited budget,” but still needing to successfully compete with The Corporate “Big Dogs,” then you have arrived. If you need premium quality, professional writing, a highly profitable, yet easy to manage, inexpensive website, or some original, “out of the box,” experienced insights, creative solutions & unique, custom designed, personalized guidance to consistently achieve your goals, dreams, “vision” and objectives, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Here at “Word and Web Wiz,” it’s all about “WORDS,” (Only The Right Words) and the “WEB;” the world-wide, greatest opportunity now available to all of humanity, if properly planned and pursued, based on the powerful, proven, and profitable principals of professional ethics, people-oriented integrity, personal sincerity & pure, uncompromised honesty!

These are the “Foundational Cornerstones” of what actually works in the “REAL WORLD” while in the process of developing what each and every fruitful, flourishing business needs; both “online and off,” numerous, reliable, trusted, loyal, long-term relationships with our clients/customers.

If you’re looking for the same wisdom and “insider insights” that helped to build “Big Businesses” out of what was once, small “Ma and Pa” proprietorships, and you want your solutions delivered directly, “person to person” by a guy who simply got sick and tired of dealing with cold-hearted, corporate constipation and the concept of “chaos by committee,” then make yourself right at home. I think you’ll find your experiences and “bottom-line” highly profitable and quite powerful!

Welcome to Word and Web Wiz! What can I do for you today?

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"Up-Words & On-Words!"

Larry L. Nichols

"Words are my paints &
Minds are my canvases!"